27 Years A Mistress – Nora Olumide Cries Out

low angle shot of a woman having fun in a nightclub

As the Mike Adenuga mistress saga played out, I watched the viral video of the lady. She was being evicted by the EFCC and her pain was infectious.

She screamed as she exposed her once beautiful thighs. No children no husband, 27 years. What have I gained. …please leave me alone. How many houses do I have.

It hit me. Her pain. I struggled not to cry and quickly dropped the phone and walked away.

Her tears kept niggling at me. Refusing to let me rest. I was disturbed. I coudn’t do anything to help her.

Her principal is my friend and I won’t torch my friend for her. I hid under the position that there are two sides to a story. The other side would explain very well why this was happening

But her tears woke me up at 3am. It was still disturbing me. Her trauma as she shouted, ‘ no husband, no children and 27 years’ kept tearing me apart.

This was no ordinary mistress. This was a confidential secretary for all of those years. Those long hours, the lack of a social life cos she had to be there to work obviously devolving into a relationship

This was not just sex. This was loyalty. She must have fallen very deeply in love. No woman in that space would resist the power of a vision watching at close quarters as one of the most enduring empires was being built from scratch

This was sacrifice as she watched him grow and blossom into the maestro he is now. She watched from the sideline as he got married, his children growing up and his business growing and still gave her support.

What else did she want – nothing but the fulfillment she got watching her lover climb and grow.

She forgot she had a life. She wasn’t selfish, she had given her life to him. All she wanted was the best for him.

It wasn’t the sex. I wasn’t there but I know it wasn’t the sex. I have felt this kind of love before. The sacrifice that true love begets. It’s him not me she would have told her warped mind. As long as he is happy, I am happy. The consolation of a slave in love.

Mike adenuga secretary

This is a sad song. The worst kind of repayment for loyalty and true love. No matter what could have transpired, she shouldn’t be allowed to cry in this manner.

As she hit her flattened chest, a chest that would have nurtured a powerful man, a chest whose nipples had allegedly inspired one of the greatest business stories out of Africa, I broke down.

This is my sister, my mother, my aunty. This is any female in your life and she won’t be mocked. She gave all she had and what was that – love, loyalty and fervent support for 27years to a dream.

You would say, why a mistress for that long- I would say who are we to judge. We like to label things and box ourselves.

She found fulfillment and contentment. She fell in love and she brought value and to him she wasn’t just a mistress she was a partner and that is why he kept her for 27 years.

Who shags one person for 27years. if it was only sex she was bringing to the table. Her value would have been fast eroded long ago. She brought much more. She brought much more and he knows.

I plead to Him this morning, no matter what she has done. Even if she stole please pull back. Her tears her trauma is painful.

Please pull back. Remember the warm nights, remember the warm milky thighs as they enveloped and gave you warmth, the long hours she put to her job, remember the pillow talk, remember those things only she could hear, remember her loyalty and please pull back.

Her pain hurts.

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