Audit Your Company – How to distinguish good relationships from bad ones

Audit you friends

We all know that as humans,’ association is part of our being; you just can’t be on your own. Daily you need people and most importantly we all need friends. Audit your company simply means evaluating the circle of people you associate with. It’s not a blog about accounting or audit – sorry but here’s an article about accounting and audit if need that too. Both types of audit kinda mean the same thing; a systematic review or assessment of something. This blog post is a call for you to systematically access the company you keep in order to identify where you need to make changes.


Friendship is sweet, it is a special closeness you have with another person and it feels comfortable being with someone you’ve known for a long time and understands you. But you have to understand that some relationships could be harming you and you may not even be aware of it. On the other hand, your friend or lover may not by themselves be aware that they are not good for you (some may be intentional in bringing you down). So here are some tips you could use to identify a friendship or relationship that isn’t good for you.


  • The first thing is Deception. Once you identify that this person you are close to lies a lot or has been lying to you, that friendship or relationship is not good for you. Sometimes you may have a friend who cooks up stories about himself or herself just so you could see them as BIG, telling you stuff that is not true about themselves; the truth would surely come out one day and once you discover and confirm this type of deception from your close associate, please start taking steps to cut them off. Deception in any form is not good and if someone can’t be truthful about who they are then you can’t trust them. You need people you can’t trust and be at peace when they tell you something.
  • The second thing is Discouragement. I hate being around people that “kill” my spirit. I’m a very driven and motivated person and I generate ideas and innovations very often but when I share them with people and they see a thousand reasons why it won’t work, it griefs my spirit and weighs me down, it affects my creativity and sense of self-worth. Let me share this here: it’s always been me vs my sibling or me vs my parents because my thinking is always far from the box. I do love my family and very much so but I just developed a means of not sharing thoughts with them, I simply ask for help at the point I need it because certainly, I need them and other people daily. Don’t be around people that don’t celebrate your thoughts and ideas. That’s why I’ll always miss my friend I lost to kidney disease in May 2019. He was my number one fan. But its better you be by yourself than be around people that shut you down and don’t let you be free with your thoughts and reasoning. You need people that will push you and inspire you to take action every single day.
  • The third thing is Disrespects. If the person you’re in friendship or relationship with doesn’t respect you then cut off. Respect in terms of your personality, your privacy, and personal policy. I stand to be corrected but in my opinion, you’re not meant to empty yourself totally inside another person thereby losing your identity. Personality – Privacy – Personal Polity: This is who I am – This is what I don’t want to share – This is what and what I don’t do or like.


There are definitely more but these three D’s are to me the biggest turn-offs and reasons why you should cut off from certain people. Now that I’ve given you the scale, put each and every one of your close associate on this scale and weigh them. If they are found wanting in ANY of the three D’s then please cut off. Deception is bad, Discouragement is deadly and Disrespect is totally unacceptable. You’ve got only one life to live and I’d rather be alone than associate with people that would offset my rhythm. Don’t settle for less just because you don’t want to be alone. I’ve written many other blog posts that relate to this that would give you a headway in dealing with this kind of issues. Here there are:


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