Audit Your Friendship Circle

The motivational speaker Les Brown has talked severally about two boys playing in the snow on a frozen body of water and suddenly the ice breaks and one of the boys falls through into the cold water. The other boy still on top tries to reach for his friend but his friend is going deeper and deeper into the water. The boy looks around and runs to a nearby tree and yanks off a really big branch on the tree and runs back. He begins to beat the ice with the branch and when the ice broke he went in and brought out his friends. When the emergency response came, the paramedics attending to the unconscious boy were astonished as to how a little boy could break such a big branch from a tree, drag it all the way to the very spot and use it to beat the ice; it was quite unbelievable. An old man that had observe the whole scene told the paramedics; “I know how he did it” and they asked “how?” “he did it because there was no one here to tell him he couldn’t.”


This story proves that the people around you are a big determinant factor of whether you succeed or fail in life and it is high time you be conscious of the people around you and not just leave it to chance. Just as environment is important to success, your company is even more important because ‘good friends’ in a bad environment is not too bad but ‘bad friends’ in a good environment is the worst. This is because when you’re with people who never see anything good, no matter how much opportunities are available in a particular place, you’ll not see it too because you’ll be preoccupied with criticizing other people, the authorities, government etc. and you’ll never be able to get anything out of life even when others are making progress with the very same resources available to you. But you can easily break forth from a bad environment if you have a friend that sees alike with you on your goals and aspirations.


What you need as a young person to enable you succeed quicker is good company. You need to be around people that are already winning in one area of their life or the other. You need to be around people who believe in you and encourage you to keep going at your dreams and goals. It’s only natural because

the law of attraction is real. You can’t be around good intending people, positive people all the time and end up a loser; it just can’t happen.

This is why you need to Audit Your Company on a regular basis. Your company here are your regular contacts; people you come in contact with every day or like three times a week, your close circle of friends. By doing a regularly audit of at least three times a year, you’d be able to understand:

  • the role each of these your regular contacts play in your life.
  • You’ll be able to know who is actually adding value to your life and who isn’t.
  • You’d know those who are just hanging around you simply because you’re cool or just fun to be with.
  • Those who are constantly deriving from you but not adding anything.
  • You’ll also be able to know the role you play in each of their lives.


Guys listen, it’s all about value. There’s no need spending time, money, emotional and psychological energy on someone or something that brings you no value. I’m not a scientist but I know that in movement, the lighter you are the faster you move. CUT THEM LOOSE! You have to be brutal sometimes in breaking away from some people; you just stop contacting them! And if they contact you, do the needful and avoid them. You owe no one nothing. Remember a Nigerian proverb that says “an eagle that always plays with the chicken will one day forget how to fly.”


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