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Selling from Home Made Easy for Anyone Anywhere

ecommerce book for people in nigeria

If you look around you, you’d observe the emergence of a lot of logistics and delivery companies around you. I mean there are everywhere; the bike dispatch rider coming to deliver an item you ordered online, a delivery van coming to deliver furniture to your neighbor or your office. Some people even use Uber and Bolt to do some deliveries now because the supply of these delivery guys; as many as they may seem can’t meet the demand. All these delivery companies springing forth here and there is an indication that e-commerce is booming; a lot of people are ordering items online, People are looking for convenience, no one want to go to the market or shops to buy anything except they can’t find it online. With the techniques I’ll be teaching you in this book, you can start your own business from the comfort of your home without stressing yourself about importing items from China, without the stress of logistics and delivery and you make your cool profit. Read this book, take your life in your hands and start making money, living free and enjoying life.

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BITE THE INTERNET - 7 Ways to Understand & Use the Internet as It Is Today

Foreword by Stephen Akintayo – Africa’s Most Sort After Investment Coach

how to use the internet in nigeria

What this book is primarily about is how to use the internet as of today. Buying books and attending seminar that teach you different ways of making a living from the internet is jumping a step further ahead of time without the proper foundation. And that is why most people have a problem making a living from the internet or spend longer to understand how to do it. This book is a foundation. You must first learn how to be a doctor before you can learn how to make money as a medical doctor. You must first learn programming before you learn how to make money being a programmer and that is why I wrote this book. It is a basic foundation of how to use the internet today in generality before you get to chapter 8 which then shows you how you can start making a living from the internet.