Define Your Mission

Every human being was born for something in particular |

The time you spend reading this post is a time well invested because knowledge is one asset that can never be taken away from you. Time itself is an asset. You can’t get more of it, you can’t rewind it and you cant even successfully fast forward it. But one thing that is common to a lot of elderly people is regret and most often they regret how they managed their time, they regret what they didn’t do or what they did too much of. And most often, when given the opportunity to advice a younger person they’ll always advice to use your time wisely.


One of the ways you can practically use your time (which is actually your life) properly and avoid killing any time is by defining your mission. Let me say here that you have to define your overall life’s mission; that is, what you are on earth for i.e. why you are living on the earth because no human life is just an ordinary life.

“Every human life is meant for a purpose, everybody is meant to do something.”

It may not be big so much as to affect the entire world; it could just be something that the people in your immediate environment might never forget, ever. “If you cant be a star in the sky, you can be a lamp in the house.” You must sit at a young age and define the purpose for your existence and you don’t have to look to far or think too deep. What you’re born for lies within your personality. Either what you hate the most or what you love the most.


And that’s why if you’re an adult reading this, it is imperative for you to invest into the future of your kids or the kids around you by employing the services of a life coach. This may sound fancy but in these days where children are spending a lot of time on social media and TV, watching the fancy and lavish lives of others, it would be very easy to start thinking about their life in a wrong direction and this is reflected in the level of decadence we see among young people today. Educating your children, nephews and nieces is good but every other child has the same education. Having someone spend time with them to teach them about issues of life, destiny, talents and abilities, and also use the opportunity to observe and spot what they are good at is not a waste of money, its what would stand them out in the near future.


You know am often amused and sometimes moved to disgust when I see the way young people use their time. Wastage is a keyword when trying to describe how young people use their time. Teens and young adult waste a lot of time on leisure and pleasure, going from one friend’s house to the next, hanging out every other day and so on. ‘I want all you young people to realize something; once December 28, 2017 passes, you can never get it back again for all eternity. “Time only moves forward and never backwards.”


You need to sit and plan and know your mission in life. This will place you on the right track early enough and therefore cut out every single five minute you would have thrown away if you didn’t know what you wanted out of life. What is it you want to feel happy about when you’re old and retired? You need to define your mission in clear terms but not just for life in general but also for each year even as we have a new year, every month, week and even each new day. As you wake up you need to define your goal for that day so as to arrest and utilize every second of that day.


Define your mission and know how to pursue it because life is serious business. This will keep you focused all the time and save you a whole lot of time rather than just face life with no specified mission.

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