Dig into Your Strengths

you have so much strengths within you already

I don’t believe there’s any dumb person. Even though some may be labelled this way but God- the architect of life did not create anybody dumb. It’s we humans that place people in boxes; people we feel don’t measure up to certain standards that some unknown people have set. For instance, if you’re failing in school- your friends, teacher and even family call you dumb, if you don’t have good social skills some people call you weird. But that’s not really the case. Nobody is dumb or weird because everyone has a uniqueness or strength. And that’s what I’m talking about in this blog-Strengths.

I’ve always been a fan of the strengths movement; the group of people in this world who believe that rather than try to fix what’s broken in yourself, use what’s good. Rather than try to be good at what you’re bad at, be better at what you’re good at. No matter how dumb, foolish or retarded you have been labelled to be, you have a strength and if you keep abandoning your Strength to be good at something you’re just not good at, you’ll continue to be a flaw and you’ll end up wasting a bunch of time which is a very valuable resource. This is something a lot of young people especially teenage girls should pay attention to. You can’t live your life trying to please someone by forcing yourself to be something you’re not.

Use Your Strengths. Think of this, if you aren’t good at math but you’re pretty good at English, literature and History, the normal thing will be to put extra hours on your math studies so you can become good. But I’m saying that you should rather not kill yourself and waste that much valuable time trying to be good at something that you’re not good at and you probably hate. You should rather spend more time investing yourself in what you’re already good at and become even better at it. If you aren’t good at sports like me but you’re good at creativity and design or you’re a science nerd, never ever mind what anybody says- even your parents. Double down on what you’re good at and be better at it. For God sake, we were meant to be diverse and not all fit into one box of what the world considers cool.

Dig into your Strengths. Find out what you’re good at and be best at it. Don’t let anyone guilt you into spending time doing something you don’t like doing. And this goes beyond just academics and career, you can also apply this to your everyday life. To constantly live a charged life and remain 24/7 motivated, you must function within what you love doing and culture your life to avoid certain activities that wear you out or leave you depressed and sad. Engage your passion! You have just one life so why waste it doing something you’re already failing at. If you’re failing at something you hate isn’t that a sign that you shouldn’t be doing it? Come on guys, wake up to this and dig into your natural strengths and passions.

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