Do Only What Moves You Forward>>

Whatever is not directly moving you forward or directly making your life better, stop doing it |

People who are ruled by emotions often make a lot of mistakes especially when it has to do with making decisions about one’s life. Emotion are ephemeral; they don’t last long and if you were to make a decision based on your emotion at a certain time, when you are rid of such emotions, regret may befriend you.


This particular post will require you to make a hard but extremely useful decision in your life and you don’t need to get emotional when taking action after reading this because you wont get anything done this way. It’s simple, and I’m not missing words here! Do what moves you forward. It’s as simple as that.

Whatever is not directly moving you forward or directly making your life better, stop doing it!

For God sake don’t waste this precious life that has been given to you doing stuff that doesn’t add to your progress, please stop it!


This is what I mean; be a progressive, engage your time and resources on things that develops you and moves you closer to achieving your life’s goals. Don’t engage in things that can’t build you or grow you in any way. One of the secrets of highly effective people is that they don’t waste any single piece of time. They don’t engage in anything doesn’t directly impact their life’s work.


A lot of us claim to be busy, in fact very busy is what most of us say. But this truth am bringing to you, if you properly apply it to your day-to-day activities you’ll discover and get rid of a lot of mundane things that eat up your time and takes too many space in your life. Look, if you don’t focus your time achieving your goals you’re probably spending that time fulfilling someone else’s ambition.

Let me pause and point out here that it’s easy to lose focus when you don’t know what your mission in life is. “If you don’t know where you’re going to anywhere will look like it.” Therefore if you haven’t discovered your life’s goal yet please refer to one of my posts titled ‘Identify One Goal’. It would really help you in that direction.


Now some may say that this idea is a selfish one- doing only things that moves you forward, but it all depends on your perspective. Popular Nigerian TV producer and entrepreneur Wale Adenuga once said “Any man who tries to be good all the time to everybody is bound to come to ruin among a great number of people”. You can’t be running a race and be greeting everybody as you go, you’ll never finish.


The Creator has put you on earth for a purpose and if you were to fail in your mission no friend or family will stand and answer for you when you stand before Him. Nothing else matter as much as your life’s goal.


Haven said this however, without human beings no one can achieve any goal whatsoever. This post isn’t to make you become nasty and seclude yourself from those around you. It simply to make you realize that you’re on a mission and you don’t have to stop and smell every rose you pass on the way. It is to make you take a critical look at your life, you day to day activities and your schedule and identify the little things that you don’t really have to be involved in and remove them so as to free up more time to focus on yourself. Please and please, hours translates to days, days to weeks and weeks to months and years. Don’t waste a single minute on things that aren’t moving you forward or building you up towards you life’s goal. Start now!

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