Don’t overthink it, TRY IT and Fail

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I would like to see us Nigerians taking more risks and trying out new things. One of the fastest ways for a child to grow and develop is for the child to keep trying and trying new things. A child first starts by moving its mouth and playing with the different sounds and babbles a lot until one day it pronounces its first word- the word it’s been trying to say all this while. A baby may get injured while it is trying to walk but that won’t stop the baby from trying its possible best to walk until it finally takes the first few steps. But if every infant is to play it safe like we adults, they’ll probably never fully develop. I do wish most of us would retain our high level of braveness; the one we had as infants as we learned to speak our first words and take our first steps.


Life in all is a risk and I have come to believe it is too short not to risk it all. Friends listen, we all have the desire to be great and be remembered for something but that can’t happen if we remain in the confines of comfort. We need to step out and make things happen rather than sit and wait for things to happen to us.


One of the luxuries a young person enjoys is the availability of time. As a youth, you have an unbelievable amount of time on your hands. Imagine this, if you’re 23years now for instance, you could live another entire life i.e. another 23years and you won’t still be old. And therefore, I encourage you teenagers and young adults to try and keep trying new stuff. The advantage is that when you’re trying different things, you may stumble upon an amazing new discovery that could catapult you to a totally different place and change your entire life. For those who don’t yet know their life’s purpose, trying new things in different ways and different places is a way to find out what you actually like and what you don’t.


A while back when I just started out as a TV producer, the road was quite rough but I got some support from some people because of the ‘Grace’ factor. When I produced my first TV show, I got a director of photography who shot all my episodes free, I got free location and a couple of other things without paying and since I was an editor originally, I edited myself. The whole production stressed me out but the show didn’t make a huge premier like I wanted it to. A couple of TV stations said no to me and in the end, I lost all my savings and that was it. But I gained a lot of experience in that process, I meet a lot of new people in that period, made some valuable contacts in the industry and so much more happened that time and is now of immense benefit to me which never would’ve happened if I just stock to being a video editor in a TV station. I’ve used the experience of tasting those things to evolve my own company now and the knowledge gained to work for some top individuals in this country. In fact, you being able to read this blog or watch my vlog on YouTube and listen to my podcast is because of those different experiences I gained when I tried and failed.


Now listen to me, you would spend years and years anticipating what would happen and nothing will actually happen because you’ve not actually gone out to do something. A lot of people want to play it safe. They play by the philosophy of ‘a bird at hand is worth ten in the bush’ so they’ll rather stick to what they’ve got rather than reach for the “unknown” endless possibility out there.

Try something new and fail, at least you’ll learn something. We’re living in a golden age of human existence where everything and anything one imagines can be done, so why waste time living under the fear of failure or the What Ifs.

The hatred I have for failure is what makes me put in my all into all I do. Playing safe won’t lead you to a safe place in future but taking risks is what will eventually make you feel safe, mostly because of the experience you’ve amassed.



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