Don’t Waste Any Time

Don't Waste Any Time- we should all focus on achieving our lives goals and not waste any time doing stuff that doesn't matter |

Let me not waste your time in this blog so I’ll go straight to the point. If you were to really sit back and look on how our lives have evolved in regards to our time usage and effectiveness we’ll discover that only 20% of our time is actually spent doing stuff that directly impacts our lives in any meaningful way. It goes along with the 80/20 principle otherwise called Pereto’s law.


The 80/20 principle simple states that only 20% of what we do is actually productive and the remaining 80% we waste.


We, particularly in this generation have been busier than any other generation that has ever existed before us. I have come to discover this and that’s why I don’t write long blog posts cos I know there are better things one can spend time doing than read and read a post on the net.


But one thing to note is that the fact that you are busy doesn’t mean you are effective. We waste a lot of time doing stuff that really isn’t “important”, stuff that doesn’t really correlate with our making progress in life; it has no direct positive impact on our lives holistically.


One culprit that is responsible for the massive waste of our time is the amount of time- the amount of life we spend on the Internet particularly social media and a lot of us don’t think there is any other way to live.


But you’ve got to understand that before this thing came about, life was still pretty effective and full of fun. Don’t get me wrong am not so much against the internet- am no extremist, after all without it you won’t be reading this thing. But we’ve got to make good use of our lives and chat new courses for ourselves rather than spend all of it on another man’s creation. I want your life to be better than what it is now, I want you to perform and achieve.


“Don’t waste time chitchatting; talking with friends, watching TV, surfing the net. Stop wasting time on social media chatting things that won’t help your life in any way.”


If those who developed the thing you now waste so much time on were wasting their lives on unimportant stuff they wont have come up with what the world is celebrating them for now.


You too can produce. You too can come up with something meaningful, something that is worth celebrating. No more excuses! Its time to ask yourself the important question- does social media really make my life any better? Must I be online 18hours a day? In a world where changes are constantly taking place and result oriented people are being celebrated; you can’t afford to waste any time.


Look, simplify your life to the barest minimum for just 30days and see how much more effective and productive you’ll be. The results will wow you.

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