Dreams Die Hard – The Birth of ‘The Alvin Report’

My first ambition in life was to be the President of this country until they killed Murtala Mihammed. I felt the job was to risky since i really didnt find being pumped with hot bullets an exciting proposition.

Then i fell in love with words. My father from the age of 3 used to drop sunday times on my laps and walk away. I will devour it end to end.

I love words. They give life, they are therapuetic and they are the building blocks of civilization. They can also be evil and destructive depending on who is using them.

Then i started watching Spiderman and the antics of his editor in chief. His deadlines, the race for breaking news and i fell in love with journalism.

That love has stayed. I have writen for so many journals, milions of words and simply just admire the finest and the best.

Today i will be fulfilling another milestone. I will be the Editor in Chief of a very powerful journal- The Alvin Report.

The Alvin Report

This seats very well wih my personal ethos. If they wont give you, take it. Who will make me Editor in Chief in this Lagos, so i set up my own Publication and make myself. Simple.

This will be my third attempt at publishing. Loudwhispers with over 100 subscribers was a monumenral failure. With humble pie on my face, i tried again and this time did not go past the second edition, it died.

This time i have gone digital. With a powerful concept idea that has brought together over 30 of the brightest minds from all works of life- finance, technology, media, enetrtainment, policy this publication is already positioned for greatness.

I have also built a powerful back end led by 14year veteran and COO of Leadership Newspapers Jonathan Eze who until recently was Spokesman for Senator Ita Giwa, you will begin to share my enthusisam. He will be our pioneer Executive Editor

Charles Ezerim is the most gifted Graphic designer i have ever met. He designed the mast head and will handle the optics of the daily publication.

Andrew Omeiza is an eratic nerd. I have sacked him three times even last night i still sacked him. But his value is his talent, perfect understanding of the markets and the role of digitization in it.

To limit his influence and reduce my iritation, i have brought in Tolu who is a social media genius. Working on a platform that has over 2million followers through his leadership, u behin to see why i am not joking with him

Our advisory team is growing- my brother Simon Kolawole the great colimnist has agreed to give us a road map

The greatest coup is my egbon who says i should not mention his name but a SAN, former Legal Adviser to an Africa wide Africa focussed multilateral finance Corporation and an Owu Prince has acepted to provide advise and guidance.

Funding? That is what is on your mind abi?

We will guard our independence fiercely so we will be very circumspect in funding. We will push for independent funding, hold down our cost and commit non alligned class of funders.

We will also go retail and push for a class of donors who will contribute a max of N5,000 . Idea being that even if u are a billionnaire all we want from you is N5,000

This will break the influence of big advertisers on editorial direction and give us the financial independence we require to make things happen and also ramp up readership phenomenally.

Intelligent talk about Nigeria

The Alvin Report is a bold take on my strong believe that we are not talking intelligently as a Nation and that the intelligent ones are being drowned out by the cacaphony of the lousy.

Our publication will reach millions giving issue and merit based discusions on economy and business the very strong platform to attempt a change in Nartative and influence public policy.

Welcome to The Alvin Report and get ready for a smooth ride.

Edgar Joseph
Editor In Chief/ Publisher

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