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Digital Skill School is a Digital Skills Training Program powered by Character Media Company in collaboration with Cyclobody Academy in Lagos State to train and empowers people with digital skills to be relevant in a 21st century society. Our aim is to train and certify all those who desire digital skills to better their work, business and move their lives forward. We do this by making our school fees really low and affordable so that anyone can afford it.

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internet utility course in lagos

Basic Internet Training

This course is an internet literacy course to help you understand how to use the internet as it is today. After this course you’ll know how to navigate and manipulate the tools available on the internet to get desired result in their work, business or school.

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E-commerce Training

With this course you’ll learn How to start selling products online right from the comfort of your home and make money working from home. After this course you’ll know the 4 basic  principles of starting and succeeding in an online business.

social media marketing in lagos

Social Media Marketing

Just as traditional ways of advertising (TV, radio, newspaper) is near dead and everyone is turning to social media to advertise their business, this course will train and certify you as a social media manager as well as give you IT placement to practice what you have learnt.

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Basic Graphic Design

With this course you’ll learn how to use adobe Photoshop and how to use it to activate your creativity. This course is about the fundamentals of graphic design and how to start creating designs for events, social media, for companies and earn a living doing so.

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Photo Editing & Retouching

This course will teach you how to edit photos shot with a professional cameras and phones as well as edit faces and skin retouching for any type of photography, models, fashion and beauty shoots

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Video Editing

This video editing short course will get you started on how to edit videos professionally and start editing short videos for social media and YouTube. So you can up your content creation game.

motion graphics course digital skill school

Motion Graphics

This Motion Graphics course would show you how use Adobe After Effects to create moving graphics with text and objects. With this you can help brands develop content as well as work with TV channels.

VFX Classes in lagos - digital skill school

2D Animation & VFX

In this course you’ll learn how to do visual effects for short videos and 2D animation. This is one of the most sort after skills in the creative industry today because most ads on TV and online are done with VFX and animation.