educate yourself is all about self eduction because you can never forget what you thought yourself |

I really want to hit a nerve by this post and challenge the status quo of education. I’m not targeting the government or our educational system, on the contrary I primarily want to let all out young people and teenagers understand that education goes way beyond going to school 8am to 4pm everyday.

 See understand that self-education is the purest form of education that you can acquire. What is self-taught sticks to you far better, longer and is far more useful than what you learn in formal education. Every working-class young person that has been through the university will agree that 98% of what they teach you in school is very different from the real work life itself. What most of us spent four, five, seven years studying in the university is quite completely different from what obtains, from what is actually the reality when you start working.

 That is why self-education is the way to go even when you are in school because when you actually start working, it is the little you taught yourself that would be applied in the work and not the so many theories and case studies we do in school.


“That is why most companies prefer to hire someone with work experience and not a fresh graduate with first class.”


Self-education is more interesting and more effective when you are learning what you love, what you want to be know for, what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Educating yourself in the line of your passion is the only way to make teaching yourself interesting. And this is what I talk about each time I’m standing in front of youths and teens in a conference or seminar.

Find a way to educate yourself on the things you love. Yes you may be in school, some of you may be the only one doing all the work at home but even if you dedicate even 1hour from your entire 24hours to learn something about your dreams, your aspirations, learning about what you want to be in the future then you are sure on your way to being a success.self eduction will always add more value to you |

“It could be one hour early in the morning say 5 to 6am, it could be late at night; 10 to 11pm, but find one hour of your day to learn something or practice something you love and want to spend the rest of your life doing.”

The Internet is a universal university and it is free if you have a good device like the one you’re using to read this. There is nothing you want to do that you can’t learn from the Internet. Alternatively, find someone who knows; even a little more in what you want and attach yourself; learn and be humble because you have to be a servant before you become a leader in anything.

Look, formal education is good but what is even “more good” is if you can start using your free time that is some of your TV time or Facebook and Whatsapp time and just surf the net to learn something about your thing. It may not seem useful now but five seven years down the line, if you start educating yourself today you’ll be far ahead of those who depend on only what they teach them in the classroom.

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