Figure Out Who You Are

Perfection in all things is just not feasible because we live in a fallen world |

At this point in time in human history I guess it’s safe to say that white collar jobs are no longer on the table. It just doesn’t happen anymore and it’s not worth what it used to for those who still have them. What I’m preaching in today’s blog is SELF AWARENESS because this is what the world needs as we move on to another phase of human social-economic evolution.

Gone are the days when you go to the university with the hope of getting a job in an office when you get out. Even those with a masters degree and even PhD are struggling. Not really because what they studied isn’t relevant again but that they weren’t really right for that particular field. Believe me, there are jobs. There are a lot of jobs and most of the jobs aren’t for the academic scope still taught in schools of today. What I mean is that the jobs of today are not being taught in the university. A course like Accounting for instance that is taught in the university is quite different from real world accounting today, same as economics and some other professional courses. The people who may even succeed in these professions are those who live and breathe for it i.e. those who are so passionate about it that they won’t settle for any other thing- not those who studied it simply because it seemed like a good idea or because they just want to enter into the university.

In the words of Gary Veynerchuk “figure out who you are, don’t apologize for who you are and become better at who you are.” This is the only formula that can make your life worth living and full of fun in the long run. Before any kid gets into the university, he or she must have first discovered the purpose for his/her life and then study a course in line with that. And that’s why I run a mentorship program for teens and young adults to help them figure these things out with their specific abilities.

Look SELF AWARENESS is the only key to success because those who are faking it and trying to pretend to be good at something they’re not just to earn salary are being exposed because of their many flaws, they’re living sad miserable lives because the life is being sucked out of them as they rise to go to work each day. Just be yourself, and once you’ve discovered that thing you’d want to do for the rest of your life, go after it 100%. No matter how weird or awkward it may sound to other people, if it makes you happy and fulfilled please do it without giving a rat’s ass about what someone else would think because in the end, if you don’t succeed you’d be blamed no matter the circumstances that surrounds your failure. My blog post titled IDENTIFY ONE GOAL can help give clarity concerning finding yourself.

Look guys, there’s so much uncertainty in the world today especially economically and the only thing that can make you stable and still standing in an atmosphere of shifting sands is if you’re actually doing what you were born to do, what you live and breathe for, what makes you all psyched up when you wake up each morning- this is what gives you a solid ground to stand on. And no matter how silly or impractical it may be, if you really aim for it you can make it your reality. That’s the only thing that’ll work long term.

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