George Floyd and What We Ought to Learn

George floyd and nigeria

The recent murder of a black brother George Floyd has thrown the world into mourning. But I see it differently. The black world will continue to lament its exclusion, its maltreatment and its continued humiliation for eternity if they do not rise up and build a credible ecosystem of their own.

Hiding under the cover of racism to wallow in the ineffectiveness of our resolve continues to pique me. If we are being so mistreated why not build our own. Why not build our own businesses, our own sporting facilities and give ourselves the economic and political powers that continue to defy us. The Chinese, Japanese and Indians do not suffer this kinds of abuse cos they have economic power. Their passports carry weight.

Waiting for a system that does not need you to reform itself to cater for you and your beggars is just an exercise in futility.

It is sadder when you come to Nigeria. The largest conglomeration of the black man in the world and you see the dense despair and poverty driven by reckless leadership since independence you begin to understand why racism is not really about the colour of our skin but in the disregard by another race for our collective failure

If only Nigeria could rise up and be a beacon of hope to the black man in the world then you will see how racism will be curbed the world over. The black man on the street in America has nothing to point to as a symbol of Black Hope anywhere in the world and that is why he is an orphan to be killed and maimed any how.

See South Africa and its demise after Apartheid. Today, it’s a cesspool. We have done our usual and wrecked it. The great Empires of Mali, Ghana and the rest that littered the Continent did not suffer racism cos they had their own civilization and dealt with the whites as equals.

Abi haven’t you seen the picture of European Royalty bowing to the great Emperor Salasie of Ethiopia. I am not kneeling down for any salute to end any racism. We like meaningless symbolism that doesn’t create anything but vacuous memories

That is why that jobless Abike Dabiri and my Egbon Otunba Runsewe are doing memorial service or what they call it for the Dead American like they are in a drunken stupor anytime our own police strikes an unarmed youth.

Today CNN have effectively ended it’s back to back coverage of the matter and have gone back to Covid where over 70% of the dead are black people and we are not looking for credible and sustainable solutions to the problem but going around singing songs and kneeling down on streets as if that would really solve the black mans problem in the world.

Me I am just here o, minding my business and waiting for when the Lord will call me. I obviously didn’t come to this world the right race.

Joseph Edga – The Duke of Shomolu

4th July 2020

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