How to Get Reactions and Engagement For Your Content

Content Creation
One of the things that improves your profile on social media and YouTube is engagement. Engagement in the form of Likes and Comments. If a lot of people are liking your pictures or videos and leaving comments, it would improve your profile ranking be it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or even on your website blog. So then how do you get people to engage with your profile online? It is by creating content (pictures, videos, graphics) that sparks people’s reaction. And there are a number of ways to do this; some use controversy to create engagement and they are known for it, the likes of @bobrisky222 some use funny posts like @iamdulo while some use educational content like Paul Foh or @adaora.lumina and i love educational content myself. Whatever way suits you is fine but your content has to be well thought out and planned not just random like an after thought. Even the comedy skits you see on Instagram are not random, they are well planned and implemented.
Digital marketing in Nigeria
Therefore as a business person irrespective of the industry you are in, the first thing is to take time out to settle on what type of content you want to be putting out – comedy, educational, news/gossip, lifestyle, health etc. Secondly, take time to plan your content as in how you want to produce it regularly and how you want to be posting it – this is where having a content calendar comes in handy.
But if all these sound too overwhelming for you and your busy schedule, simply give it to a capable hand to handle the entire thing for you.   – Emmanuel Attah – 23/2/2021 My Instagram – My LinkedIn – My Facebook –

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