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In a period of rapid technological development, having a website has become mandatory if you intend to compete in the 21st century. I’m always amazed when I communicate with business owners and they still consider a website a liability. They consider a platform that promotes their products and services to millions of prospects a liability. There are countless businesses that have been totally transformed by having a quality online presence. Most consumers now use the internet to research products and services they want to buy and your website is very important in attracting these new customers online.

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Consider the statistics shown below from 2017.

Global-Digital-Stats |
Global internet usage statistics August 2017
Global-Digital-Stats |
Internet Users in Nigeria stats 2017


You can see from the stats that over 3.7 billion people access the internet which represents 50% of the world population. There are over 2.7 billion social media users.

According to Nigeria Communication Commission, over 91 million Nigerians access the internet.

There are over 25 million Nigerians using various social media platforms.

As a business owner, you cannot decide to ignore these statistics.


This points where the world is at currently and where we are heading to. If you ignore it, you will be putting your business at risk.

Big brands that refuse to embrace innovations will definitely fold up or go bankrupt. No matter how big your business is if you fail to embrace innovation; you are risking being eliminated by your competitors who are using innovative technologies like a fully optimised website and an active social media presence to reach and serve customers better.

Here Are 5 Ways A Professionally Designed Website Can Help You Attract More Customers, Grow Your Business And Increase Your Profit Margin

1) Represents Brand Properly

A professional website (optimised for google search) will help present your business as a quality brand. Prospects now judge a brand’s image by the quality of their online presence. Imagine a potential client requesting your website address in order to find out more about what you offer and you answered that you don’t have a website. That could cost you a lot of business opportunities.

By also having a custom and official email address like you will also present your business as a serious brand.

2) Ability to Sell Online

Websites have gone beyond just being static pages to full fledge e-commerce platforms that can sell any of your products and services even while you sleep.

Technology has now made it possible for your customers to make payment for your products and services using their debit cards from the comfort of their homes and offices.

With the ease of transaction, customers will be encouraged to shop more on your website rather than going through the bank or manual process. This will also lead to increase in monthly transaction on your business. If you don’t have a platform like this and your competitors do, imagine where most customers will be going to.

3) Increase Visibility and Publicity

The more people know about your business, the more the possibility of making more sales. A well marketed website (through a number of techniques we apply) can help you increase publicity for your business and attract more customers.

With various Social Media platforms and millions of Nigerians on these platforms, it is now easy to generate traffic to your business website using both free and paid techniques which means more publicity for your products and services which equals more money.

4) Customers Acquisition through Search Engines

Search engines like Google have now become our second brain. The truth is, these days when anyone wants to buy something, they first ask google about it to find out more information about it first. We use Google to search for whatever we need. If you sell cars and your prospects want to buy a car, they will use Google to search for Car dealers. See this example of a local car dealer listings on google.

Google ranking of a car dealer |
Google ranking of a car dealer


Having a website that is search engine optimised will help you rank on search engines like Google and enable you to attract high paying clients consistently.

The websites we design are also search engine optimised to enable you to start receiving free customers from Google consistently.


5) Lead Generation

The fact is not everyone who needs your service will be able to buy now. By having their email address, you can consistently send them email messages using a tool like MailChimp and they will end up becoming a customer someday.

Your website will give you the opportunity to have various email subscription form that your prospect can use to subscribe to your email newsletter.

According to statistics, email marketing has the highest conversion rate among all various online marketing techniques. That means email marketing will enable you to get more paying customers faster than other online platforms. So you need to take email marketing serious. This is the reason why almost all the big brands are involved in email marketing.

Final Thoughts

If in 2018, you don’t have a website or have a poorly designed website; you need to think twice.

Having a website is no longer optional but a must for any brand that wants to maximise the internet to reach more customers, attract more clients and make more money.

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