how to maintain inspiration

Inspiration. Everybody in the creative sector have their way of getting inspired. And when I say creative sector I mean people whose jobs don’t require a fixed set of formulas or rules, people like content creators like myself, singers, writers, graphic designers and so on.

Some of us take prefer to listen to music – I love listening to Coldplay, some like watching movies and other people’s work and for some it’s to just go out of the house or office for a long walk. That’s the thing with inspiration; you never know where, when or how it will hit you.

Working in a dynamic environment where things need to be done at the speed of light and clients tend to sound like Cinderella’s step mom, you don’t have the luxury of going to your happy place or doing those things that makes inspiration come.

how to maintain inspiration even when under pressure
how to maintain inspiration even when under pressure

How then do we summon creative ideas when clients are screaming down on us and we have deadlines to meet? The trick is to keep your creative gears running so that inspiration finds you at work. I have found the following ideas to be helpful:

        1. Break down large jobs into smaller, easier-to-complete pieces.
When a job arrives, rather than attack it headlong, it would do you a whole lot of good if you take some time to plan out your strategy and break down this job into the different stages required to complete it. Remember, you eat hot food one spoon at a time.

     2. ‎Start with the basics.
While designing for instance, it’s important to get your layouts in order and having all the key text on an art board before adding all the extra dazzle saves time. If you’re burning up your project runway, you know the most important details are already taken care of.

‎        3. Delegate / ask for help.
Lots of creative people see their ideas as their baby that they and they alone should conceive, birth and send to the world. But as they “it takes a village to raise a child.”   You may not be lucky enough to have a large team of people working with you but even the people around you like siblings, spouse or friends can help put things in evaluation and get things done quickly.

Of course, with experience comes proficiency so embrace your mistakes and learn from them. If you get negative feedback on your work, pick out what you could have done better and try again.

What other ideas do you have as a creative person that helps you stay productive? Please
share in the comments so others can learn from you.

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