identify one goal has to do with you placing your entire focus on what your life is all about |

I think a lot of young people will find this post very useful if they were to apply themselves to it.

Most often I find people- and not just young people, wondering what their purpose in life is and before they discover it they try a couple of things, make some mistakes, learn and then find it; and these are the lucky ones. Some don’t even find out their life’s purpose and so end up living someone else’s life- a fake life.


But finding out the purpose for life is not a hard thing- at least not as hard as some say it is.


As a motivational speaker and life coach I get asked this a lot and most often by young people. Not too long ago- January 2017, I was asked this question by somebody I never expected to ask this. This lady was in her early thirties, a banker, had a car and living in a really nice apartment. As at then she was living better in most standards than me. As we got talking she asked me how someone could identify ones purpose and I was shocked because in my own mind I would think she’s living her dream life. But then I contained myself and gave her an answer.


Identify one goal! What do you want to spend your life doing? What is that one thing you want to be identified with? What is that one thing you want to be known for? Identify that one thing you can do forever and you don’t mind doing it free. That is the question that can point you to where your passion lies.


When you finally identify it, spend everyday of your life learning about it, studying it, and practicing it by doing it. Practice until you are not afraid to do it in front of people.


“Don’t think about money; don’t start by focusing on the money. Do it because it just makes you happy and satisfied.”


Like I don’t care if I get paid writing or speaking, as far as there is one person, just one person to listen to me or read what I write then I’m satisfied. That’s why on my website I have a place to book a one-on-one time with me because I care about just you who’s reading this.


“Focus on what you love and when you are so good at it people will start paying you for it.”


Usain Bolt is a multi-millionaire for just running. Andy Murray and Maria Sherapova are worth millions of dollars for just playing tennis. Linda Ikeji is a millionaire for being a gossiper. But they all first started by loving what they do and doing it whether money was involved or not.


If you want to be counted as one of the greats, as one of the richest, identify that one thing that is your thing and be the best at it. You’d be lost having fun and doing your thing and one day you’ll just discover that you’re rich and you’re celebrated.

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