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How do I start this particular article now because somehow I think everyone has fallen prey to what I’m writing about today even myself. We all live in a fake reality. like a song katy perry did, she said we’re all living in a bubble. And you see it everywhere. Fake bodies, fake plants, fake food, unnatural hair, fake technology even artificial intelligence. Natural is gradually being replaced by unnatural. Real is being replace by fake and unreal things. A new word was added to the oxford dictionary 2018 edition- fake-news. It’s everywhere because even the information you received may not necessarily be accurate.

The world needs more things that are real. But we can’t help it, it is now part of our lives but we can help it in a way. If the things we use on a daily basis are artificial and the information we receive may be fake, you as an individual can decide to be Real. The world needs you to be Real. The part of you that people can’t touch must be kept Real. In your speech, your character, your relationship with people, keep it Real. And it’s so hard to find people keeping it Real these days. Everybody’s faking it somehow; their voice, the way they talk and act with other people, everybody is copying and trying to be someone else. These days I tune my radio and even the on-air person in my local radio station is trying to fake a British accent, they say its what’s “cool” these days but it’s so damn annoying to see our Nigerian folks doing this.

Nobody wants to be themselves anymore that’s why I’ll always like Ik Osakioduwa of Rhythm FM.

Everybody wants to be someone else because they feel being themselves is not good enough. But when I encounter this comment from people I laugh, I’ll always ask them- “good enough for who?” who should decide what you should be? Or how you should act and speak? We ought to free ourselves from these boxes people around us say we must fit into. Mimicking someone else is just utter rubbish because you definitely can’t shine in someone else’s shadow. You need to break loose from this conform and be who you are, Be Original. You may be scared and say ‘what if people don’t like the real me’? well I say they can screw themselves for all I care.

I’m not a pretty looking guy at all, even I know that and that’s why it took me so long to start doing a vlog on Facebook and YouTube. But just a while back I was contemplating on this and I realize I have a lot to say and not doing this, not speaking my truth on video will rob a lot of people from breaking lose and being motivated to take action on their dreams. As a TV producer, I know that looks are very important when doing anything on video. But I woke up one day and said FORGET It! Anyone that doesn’t like my face can go somewhere else, I got something to say and I’m going to say it regardless of how I look on video. Writing my blog, doing motivational speeches in schools and my posts on Facebook, a lot of people say they love my energy and directness. But I keep saying that if you can show who you really are and be yourself every day you never know who is watching secretly and will be inspired by the Real you. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone tells me thank you for writing that blog post or that video you did really helped me. I believe if you can be yourself and keep it Real in your daily life people will be inspired by you and mehn will life become to richer and more fulfilling for you, because now it’s just you living normal but affecting lives by keeping it Real.


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