Keeping It Simple – How To Achieve Originality By Yourself

Be you everyday

Okay now here is it, the principle of one life that my mentor Gary Vee so much talks about; if by a strange odd you’ve found yourself in this place called earth i.e. you are alive it’s a marvelous opportunity that has been given to you and you can’t have it twice. You only get to come here once so the one life principle says you might as well make full use of this opportunity called life. BE YOURSELF, BE REAL, KEEP IT REAL.


The world as we’ve come to know it today is full of fake. Most things are fake or sub-standard; an imitation. Natural is gradually being replaced with unnatural. Fake bodies, fake technology, plants, and now even artificial intelligence. Now when you consider all this then; just like you want what is natural and original, the world needs you to be real. When we are surrounded by ephemeral and superficial things, we ourselves need to stay true and preserve the originality of our being. All through history and even in today’s world, the successful ones you see and aim to imitate actually set out to be themselves and not walk and talk in anyone’s shadow. So, to achieve the same success, you too need to stay true to yourself and be original. So how can you be true to yourself and keep your originality without being stained or embellished by the things and people we see and associate with? Here are my thoughts on how you can achieve this.


  1. SelfDiscovery. Before you can be yourself you must, first of all, know yourself. Self-discovery is the one master key to being original in your way and 
    be original on the inside
    how to achieve originality, how to be original

    staying true. The reason you may find yourself wanting to be like someone else is the lack of self-discovery. Figure out who you are, don’t apologize for who you are and don’t imitate. Don’t rob the world of a shining star like yourself by being in another person’s shadow or wearing another person’s identity. Sure thing, it’s good to pick certain good qualities you see in other people and adapt to yourself to become better but that’s about it. Fanaticizing about becoming like someone else is completely out of place but self-discovery can fix that. How do you carry out self-discovery? SELF-AWARENESS and FIGURE OUT WHO YOU ARE are two articles I’ve written on how to discover self.

  2. Set Goals. One good way to stay on your own lane and work your course in life is to set goals. Life goals, yearly goals, weekly goals. But you don’t have to beat yourself up if you can’t come up with these goals all at once, they can come to you gradually when you decide you want to set goals for yourself. Having goals that you have written down would give you a roadmap to what you want to be, and if you know what you want to be, you have succeeded in carving out something original for yourself. Set Academic goals, financial goal, realistic relationship goals and so on. Read my post on IDENTIFY ONE GOAL to know how to set goals.
  3. Solid State Drive. To be original and stay true to yourself you must have a solid drive. You must be motivated and your motivation most times should be based on something. The mentor I mentioned earlier always talks about being motivated by the idea of paying his parent back for all the good they did him and how well he was raised. That is the basis of his own motivation, he also wants to buy the New York Jets so badly. Some have seen poverty and are driven to succeed and drive hard towards their goals because they want to get out of poverty and make a better life for their children. Whatever it is, you must constantly be pumped and motivated to work towards your goals and drive hard towards them. Some say motivation doesn’t last – true, but so is eating. That’s why you need to do it daily. Bookmarking this blog and subscribing here and to my YouTube channel is one way of getting weekly motivational materials.


You may be scared to say “what if people don’t like the original me?” or “what if I face people’s judgment for being myself?” well those people can piss off and find some other people to be friends with. Keep it real every day of your life because life is a precious gift and I refuse to let anyone think for me or dictate how they think I ought to be. I’ve got one life and I would use it to fulfill the purpose of The One who gave it to me and so should you.



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