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This is probably the most important blog post I’ll ever write because it’s the core of what I preach as a motivational speaker and if anyone can take a thought of this subject and do some introspection the results can be life changing.

 See, you have to be honest with yourself because it’s the first key to self-discovery. You cannot lie to yourself and discover yourself, that’s a contradiction. So first things first, promise that you’ll be honest with yourself as read on in this blog. Now this is the line of thought I want you to take as you think; what are your innate abilities? What can you do so effortlessly and with joy? This is the point where you have to deploy massive honesty with yourself I already talked about.

 The reality we see today is that there are a lot and I mean a vast majority of people that are going through life not living fully by using their innate abilities as their major tool in life. These vast majority may have well-paying jobs, they may be running successful businesses, some young among them may be successful students doing well in school. But you and I know that success and happiness are two very different things and you cannot exchange the one for the other. What will expose this vast majority of people that are in a limbo of success though not through their innate strengths and abilities is if there is a correction in the system. What I mean is this- if hard times hit; maybe they get fired from their job or their business fails or there’s an economic recession, these people would come crashing down because their livelihood was not built on their passion and innate abilities and therefore they have nothing to fall back to and nothing to build upon because when shit hits the fan it’s what you’ve discovered about yourself that would stand and keep you going.

 There are countless stories of people who were running successful businesses and had thriving careers but woke up one day and gave it all up to pursue their passion and happiness. If you listened to these people tell their story they’ll tell you that it was like they wasted all those years of their life and they wish they could have been pursuing their passion from the get go.

Listen this type of life is beautiful. Trust me because I’m living it; living life on your own terms waking up in the morning fully charged up and happy to go work.

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Find yourself and what you love


For the past few days as I write this post, I go to bed about midnight or 1am and wake up before 7am and I don’t feel tired a bit. I feel a bubbling energy inside of me; I don’t get it from the food I eat or the hours I sleep, I get it from my passion. As I work on my passion I’m fuelling my passion and my passion is fuelling me as well.

Look don’t doubt what I’m telling you because even here in Nigeria there are a lot of people living their dreams and are happy everyday- though it’s a small percentage. It’s not about the money now because there’re a lot of rich people that are living very unhappy lives.

Here’s the key:

  1. Don’t Be Fancy. What I mean by this is that don’t try to be something you’re not simply because it is “cool” to be that. These days everybody wants to be the next Davido or Starboy because it looks cool to be that meanwhile innately they are meant to be painters. As absorb as that may sound, you could be real successful in that if that’s your gift because I know a painter in Uyo- Akwa Ibom State who gets jobs even as far as South Africa. It all depends on discovering what you have inside you. Dig into Your Strengths – a post I wrote a while back sheds more light on the point I’m trying to make here.
  1. Be Practical. You should employ massive practicality in whatever you are doing in the sense that you should know the circumstances around you. Though you should not be limited by them but you should consider them and not just pursue a dream blindly and then blame people or the system when things fail. Be practical. Know what could work for you, know what you have and how to deploy it. Read my post Admit Your Weaknesses to shed more light on this point
  1. Be Bold Enough to Take it. The world we’re living in today is filled with so much sparkle and glamour and every one of us tries just a little bit to show off something of ourselves to the world. I said before that many people are trying to be the next Davido or Starboy not because they have the talent for it but because its what’s cool and popular today. But if you take my advice in this blog and discover that you are passionate about e.g. being a plumber for instance (and yes, they are people who love pipe work), you should be bold enough to go for it irrespective of what people will say or think about you because in the end if you pursue the fancy stuff you are not really gifted at, as I said in PART ONE of this blog you will be exposed and the shame will be double when you fail. Besides, you owe nobody no explanation for what you’re passionate about. Be bold enough to go for it. Read my blog Take Action, it explains this point more clearly


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