Listen to Yourself

the best gift is already inside you.

A lot of us have not come to accept or even realize the potential a single human being possess. If I should take you through some deep thinking now of the how much capable the creature called human is you’ll be amazed. If you think back all through man’s history you’ll see people who have accomplished things that were termed unthinkable and cannot be done. I mean think of it, how can one man conceive the idea that humans can fly if they want to? That doesn’t just make any sense at all but today flying is no new thing. Something as common as blood transfusion has saved thousands and thousands of lives but was first thought of by somebody. Back then it would have been viewed as unthinkable witchcraft to take blood from somebody and put it in another person’s.

Look, you’re capable of more than what you think. Steve Jobs said that everything we call life today- society, streets, food, houses, electronics, internet, clothes etc. were made by people that are not smarter than you. Each human being is capable of creating another earthlike place. So why do you sit in depression and low self-esteem? Why do you go about seeking advice from people who don’t know as much as you do? Why do you feel it’s someone else that can solve your problem?

Listen to Yourself. Be more insula, look within. The answers to most of your life’s problems are within but they are not on the surface for you to easily pick them up. You have to dig deep into yourself to find things that can virtually change your life. You have Strengths that you probably have not even discovered- that’s why I developed a mentorship program to help people come to the knowledge of themselves. Knowing what I know about the infinity of the human capacity, I find it absurd to see people living below their potentials.

Listening to yourself is so loaded that if you were to practice it for a little while your dependency on others will reduce. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for asking others for help here and there sometimes; someone could chip in an idea or some effort for you at some point, what’s not good is depending on others to take total responsibility for your own life or letting people’s opinion form your entire decision making. I simply want you to start listing to yourself, start taking your own advice and listening to your inner voice. Most times the advice and opinions of others will lead you in a different direction from where you actually ought to be. You need to break the pattern of seeking approval of others. I feel that the reason for not trusting your own opinion is because most people don’t have self-love. Many have come to hate who they really are and it’s probably because they’re on the wrong path in their life i.e. they’re not functioning where their passion is and are forcing themselves or are being force to become something they are not. You just have to break the pattern and do your own thing, be yourself and look inward. Get yourself into a rhythm that you love and you’ll fall in love with life. Stop shutting up your inner voice.

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