Long Term Money–Being Rich for Life – Part 2

In the PART  ONE – The secret & spirit of being rich forever, we talked about what money really is and here’s an important statement that was made:

‘Money is alive! It has a spirit of its own and it understands human beings very well… The best way to operate and relate with money is to treat it like it’s nothing, like it doesn’t matter; have no respect or regard for it…’ we also talked about the three main motives in your work that’ll guarantee your long-term success. Let me state here that this blog post wont seat well with those who don’t think long term thoughts because what we’re sharing here is not something that will give you INSTANT CASH!

Now this is how it is done. When you figure out your ambition for your life, i.e. what you want to do for the rest of your life and you are really passionate about it,

Every human being was born for something in particular | www.characterrepublic.com
Plan your mission
  1. You Plan It Out on Paper and Pen. Let everything be clear and mapped out and even if you don’t know all yet, even though you don’t have the whole information you need, write down what you know and what you want out of it i.e. the end product.
  2. The Next Step Is to Think on The Plan. How far can you carryout these plans without money? How much of the work can you do on your own without needing money or the support of others? Don’t be lazy at this point because most often, we can do a lot in achieving our goals without money. Yes, this means being realistic. Yes, you’ll need money at some point along the way, but to some extent you can do that without money. Think on the extent you can go without money in your entire plan.
  3. People! The most important resource you need in achieving your goals in life is people. Yes, I know you need time, money, good health… Etc. But the most important is people. 90% of what I’ve achieved today is not because of money but because of people. Maybe I’ll write a separate blog and thank the people who have helped brought me thus far because they are too numerous – my parents, Joshua, Kufre, Anthony Udom, Segun and Moses Oderinde, Angela Inyang, Clement Sunday… Let me just stop there. God made me meet some of these people at various points in my life and they helped me achieve certain things that were giant leaps in my life and career. Like I said in point no.2, you can do without money to a certain extent in achieving your goals if you have people.
  4. Faith. You can achieve your ambition in life if you have faith that you will. There’s no need giving up on life or being skeptical that things won’t work because of the economic situation, or your health, family background or whatever thing is happening to you no matter how terrible. The story you’re telling yourself making you feel things can work out is not enough excuse to tell people when you’re a failure ten years from now.


“Faith is not abstract, it is what you think about yourself and your ability to get things done.”

Mo Abudu the CEO of Ebonylife TV will always say “if you can think it then you can do it”. As a man thinks in his heart so he is. Pay attention here, the LAW OF ATTRACTION is real and it works. It can take you places money can’t even enter, it can make you have things money can’t buy.
If you think and believe your dreams can come through then they will and surely. But if you don’t believe it can happen to you because of your family situation or your education or economic situation, they won’t. José Morinho was not known to ever play football professionally but he is today the most popular and most sort after coach in the world.

Repeat this to yourself now! My dreams can come true.

My ambition can be realized!

I have what it takes to be a success.

Please believe it, it can all happen and even more than you think.

Thanks for reading my blog, let me know what you think or if I’m wrong about something. Please leave a comment here or troll me on social media if you like that…


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