New Resolutions Any Time of The Year

Two months into the new year and am just checking on you to know if you’ve been keeping to your new year resolutions and if you’ve started on your dreams and aspirations for the new year. It shouldn’t be that we’re in the habit of saying these things at the beginning of every year and not be able to see them through. But one thing to note and am going to talk at length about in this post is that there’s a difference between new year resolution and a new year’s wish.


What Is a Resolution?

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. It is a personal law you impose on yourself to either stop a bad habit or to begin something in a positive direction. Most people do this i.e. make resolutions because they recognize a lapse in their lives that they need to fix. It is because they want to do better in the new year and not continue in the state they’ve been. And this is a really great idea because it takes someone recognising that they have a problem or that they aren’t making as much progress as they want to be able to resolve within themselves to do something about it.


Why Then Do People Break Their Resolutions?

When someone makes a resolution and you see the resolve in them, you’ll be positive that they’ll keep to it but as time goes by, many people fall back and just relapse completely on their resolve. Some of the reasons responsible for this are outlined here:


  • There is the lack of commitment and discipline on the path of a lot of people that make resolutions. The thing is, if you are disciplined to maintain the commitment, then as time goes on, you’ll still be able to keep the resolution because your resolve is to yourself and not for anybody else. So, it’s on you to hold yourself down and do what you said you’d do.


  • Many people forget the reasons why they made the resolutions in the first place. Its two months into the year and if you were to ask most of your friends and family what their resolutions were and why they made them, they most likely have forgotten altogether. And that the thing. How can you keep a commitment when you’ve forgotten why you made the commitment in the first place? In order for you to keep your new year resolutions, you must always remind yourself why you made the resolution in the first place. A man who drunk drive and kills somehow will have enough reason if he says he’ll never drink again. A boy who is constantly looked down upon will have enough reason when he resolves to be an outstanding success. So, you must know your reasons because when you know your “Whys” you can withstand and overcome any “How”.


  • One other thing that makes a lot of people relapse on their resolution is the fact that there is no support system to keep them in check. Just like in developed countries we have a lot of support groups for recovering addicts and alcoholics to keep them from relapsing and maintain their sobriety, the case is not so in developing environments like ours where the so-called “brother’s keeping” culture is even practiced. That’s why I recommend that whenever you make a resolution or make a major change in your life, tell people about it. Your family, friends, and many around you should know about it so that they can act like the check. Don’t make a resolution and keep it to yourself because nobody knows about it and nobody can hold you accountable if you relapse. Even though I know that in our environment, telling people about your resolution can get you sorely mocked but it’s the chance you have to take if you’re kinda serious about what you’ve resolved to do.


  • A lot of people don’t keep their resolutions and resolve because they lack the right motivation. That’s why it’s important to consume materials that keeps you motivated and fired up to maintain your resolve. A lot of us in this part of the world don’t value motivational and inspirations materials and the tremendous services motivational speakers and coaches offer because everybody only wants to hear and do only what has to do with money. But if we are to lead a happy life and keep to our words most of the time, you must find the right motivation for doing what you are doing.

Therefore, when you make a resolution, always consider the following steps if it’s at all important to you:

  1. Write them down and keep them where you see them on a weekly or monthly bases.
  2. Discipline yourself to stick to it. Remind yourself that others have done it before so you too can.
  3. Have a support system. You can only have this when you’ve told people what you’re up to.
  4. Make sure you have a good enough reason why or don’t even bother.


Let me point out here as I conclude that you don’t have to wait till the beginning of a new year before you make a resolution. Once you become unhappy with a particular thing in your life, you can decide to make a change immediately at any time of the year.

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