“What you sacrifice today will most certainly come back to you in excess |

A lot of times I’ve be accused of sticking so much to the old ways. People around me say I’m kinda old fashioned in my manner; I had to be convinced and pressured into having a Facebook account. I’ve realized that change is really good and to stay relevant you have to adapt to the changes around you and quickly too. Les Brown said that the way the world is moving fast today you have to be running to even maintain status quo.


Some things never change though. Year in year out, century after century the principles of success never change. The dynamics may change because of different eras in human cycle but the rules stay fixed. One of such principle is called Sacrifice.

I can’t stress this topic enough particularly for the youngsters who are just starting out in life. The old saying that you can’t eat your cake and have it still rings true even today. Sacrifice is one immutable law of success; you have to give something to get something. Both in the physical and the spiritual, nothing goes free. Even God the creator of the world had to sacrifice His Son so as to get re-united with His creation.


“What you sacrifice today will most certainly come back to you in excess |
“What you sacrifice today will most certainly come back to you in excess

You have to sacrifice something to get what you really want in life. If you want to be great, if you want to mean something in life you have to make sacrifices.

“You have to sacrifice pleasure to gain success. You have to sacrifice time, pleasure, money, sometimes you sacrifice some friendships and relationships.”


You cannot be spending your entire time on social media and expect to be great. You cannot be getting high on drugs and booze and expect to still turn out well. When you’re flexing, partying and clubbing, having random sex with anyone anytime and you expect your life to just workout itself; but that doesn’t really happen. You’re responsible for what happens to you.


One thing every young person should understand is that every hour, day, every weekend you spend doing sh*t cannot be gotten back; its gone its gone. You have to hold yourself down to work hard for the future you so much desire. And don’t tell me that you’re not so sure of what I’m talking about, or what I’m saying is not doable because it is. Many have taken this same road I’m prescribing and have turned out absolutely great.


“What you sacrifice today will most certainly come back to you in excess.”


Make the sacrifices. You don’t have to club on Friday or Saturday. You don’t have to attend every pool party holding on weekends or have expensive hangouts with you friends. Look lets call it what it is, as a young person you haven’t done anything yet, don’t think you have because there’s still a lot you can do with your life if only you can let some things go.

Get squared, lock yourself down, cut your excesses, stay focused and succeed.

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