Self-Awareness is the First Step to Any Success Story

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Everybody knows that the world is getting tougher and even those who are rich are well aware that it’s getting harder to keep up. But the fact remains that all through history there have always been tough times and those who lived in those times called it really tough just like we call these times ‘hard times’. Jobs are no longer as secure as we’d expect and even government jobs don’t provide the security it used to. You could be employed today and tomorrow you’re out of that job and many lose hope about things ever get better. There is hope because human beings will always live through tough situations and still come out on top. (I wrote a book on the subject of hope in these times, it would be published in hard copy soon.)

Men and women who always survive these tough times and come out dominating others are not just doing what others are doing, there are doing what they are supposed to do— playing within the confines of their abilities and that’s where the subject of self-awareness comes in.

Self-awareness is knowing who you are, what you can do effortlessly and the resources within your reach without struggle.

If you don’t know who you are and what you have, you’d always believe you are nothing and you have nothing. That mindset alone is enough to put you in the loser’s corner of life.

A lot of people today especially the young people of the world live their lives trying to be who they’re not. But I tell you, the only way you can come out on top is if you identify your strength and make it your full-time game. If you love teaching, make it your full-time thing, put your all in it no matter whatever else is going on. Don’t go for the money. Like I said before, you have to become so good at what you do for people to start paying you for it.

self-awareness is one irrefutable tool to great success because you’ll know within yourself that you are special. When you discover yourself, you will dig into your strengths and you can end up being even bigger than the people you try to model your lives after. This is because every one of our role models and icons discovered themselves; they were self-aware. Imagine if a star like Victor Moses was a banker, who would know him? Who would celebrate him?

You see I really believe that everyone has a unique gift or ability that can serve another person. It is the way the world was created: everyone has something for everyone. Everyone has a need that someone else can meet.

Try to be who you are, not who you fantasize you could be like. Be who you are right now and own it in all its aspects and not trying to force yourself to become something you wish you were but you don’t have the talent for. Don’t try to fit into another person’s talent just because you’re in love with what they do. When you are aware of your own abilities, you can carve a niche for yourself for which you can become king in your own domain and you too can become admired by someone else.

Self-awareness is it! Take this advice am giving because it can actually change your life and place you one the right tract to glory if you don’t just read this but also think about it.

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