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A lot of people desire a more easy life because life in this century has become so complicated and filled with so much stuff, so much activity that people are sleeping less, working more, falling ill more and more, battered with so much emotional and psychological issues. But the truth is life is pretty much basic, it’s not as complicated as most of us think or at least it’s not meant to be anyway. It is we humans that have evolved to be complicated most especially in civilized societies. If you were to take a trip to some rural communities, you’d realize that it doesn’t take much to be happy because life in the village is very basic. You see there are two ways of having enough; you either keep accumulating more and more or you simply desire less.


Figuring out a way to keep your desires for more in check is one way of simplifying your life.


As men and women, we don’t actually need much to live. The three basic needs of we humans is food, clothing and shelter and the truth is most of us living in this century have forgotten this. Today, most people add that basic need also include laptops, smart phone and Internet. What makes us fill our lives with so much activities and wealth and materials is not our biology but psychology- our ego. The desire to be and show that you are and have more stuff than someone else is what has complicated our lives in this century. A lot of people desire a more easy life but to have it easier you just have to desire less and you’ll have enough.

Another way of simplifying your life is by actually defining your mission in life. Why it seems like a lot of us in this day and age run the rat race is because we haven’t identified what we want out of life. See when you know your life’s mission, life wont be so complicated because you know exactly where you are going and you’re heading for it straightway without giving room for distractions. I once heard David Oyedepo say, “If you don’t know where you’re going, anywhere will look like it.” Your life will be more simplified if you wake up each morning knowing what you’re going to do. To simplify your life even more it’s good to define your goals for each for each year, each month and even each day. That way it would become easier to know when you’ve started doing a lot of unnecessary things that don’t really relate to your set goals.

I have a blog post titled “learn to say no”. In this post I explained why it is too necessary to say no to certain things. Many people get their lives complicated because they’ve said yes to too many things and they’re now stuck and don’t know how to get out of those commitments. But when you start say no to some certain things, you’ll have less commitment and obligations hence simplifying your life. Like I said in that blog post, you’ll disappoint more people by saying yes to everybody.

One more thing I advice you to do in order to simplify your life is the outsourcing of certain tasks. Most of us feel it’s only us that can do this particular thing or that particular activity well enough but that’s not entirely true. It could be a portion of your official work, it could be some other impersonal activity but they are people you can engage to get some things done for you. Learn to trust people to carry out some certain tasks on your behalf. Nigerians have a popular saying which is ‘if you were to die, life will still go on’. Therefore with this in mind you don’t have to form mighty eagle because most of what you do can be done by someone else at your absence, therefore outsource. It won’t be counted as laziness if you outsource certain work to be done.

Some of the most productive people in the world don’t do as much as you think. There’s a difference between hard work and busy work. When you fill your life with so much activity you end up losing focus of what your life is actually all about. You don’t necessarily have to do so much to achieve so much. When you have only a few things that take up your time, these things will receive the best of your attention.


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