Someone Almost Lost His Job For Giving Me a Chance on Radio

Hear the story of Cool FM’s Honey Chiamaka Ojukwu

This woman here is the Definition of Strength, Value and Energy.
If you don’t understand it you are not alone.
So many others don’t as well. But so many more know.

One time, someone almost lost his job for giving me a radio show?, they asked him why he put me on air. For what?

Smiles. He stood by me and insisted that I am a potential. I am worthy and I can bring more to the table. A man. So women that stand for women and with women exist, not all men are misogynists. He did it because indeed he saw something that no one else did. God used him to give my poor soul a voice I never had before. Some days I cried, I shook, I second guessed myself and I wandered as if I was lost. Smiles.

On Air Personality Honey Ojukwu

I may not be your Radio Legend, but I am actually the Lioness of New School Radio. I am more than just a female child who walks on the surface of the earth for looks and applause. I am actually a defender and hunter of the pride land, the little sister to my elder brother “God” who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Give someone a voice, if you see something in someone reassure them that they can do it. Don’t be the reason anyone gave up on their dreams. Because it will haunt and hu

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