It doesn’t matter how small you are, how inexperienced; you can start small |

One of the reasons for the under achievement of the youths in our communities and in our country in whole is the tendency or feeling of the need to over prepare. This process has actually hindered lots of you from doing anything because everything you want to do is always in the pipeline; you’re in constant preparation mode.


Trust me there is no such thing as over preparing. I advocate constant improvement on oneself. But a lot of us have used this as an escape route from actually doing the real stuff.


In most countries around the world, their economies are being driven by their youths. In business and entrepreneurship, in corporate settings, manufacture and education; the young people take center stage. But you find out that the opposite happens in our country. We have people in their late forties, fifties and even people of eighty ninety years running our economy and this shouldn’t be because there is no future in this.


We have a lot of excuses flying around among our young people; a list of things that makes us sit on our ass and not step out and do something for ourselves. Being young isn’t an excuse to be lazy and broke. And spending all the time preparing for something without really doing the thing is just outright nonsense.


It doesn’t matter how small you are, how inexperienced; you can start small. Don’t put too much attention in the detail [they say the devil’s into detain]. Start with fear, start with shaking hands and make the mistake; that’s why you’re young. There is room for mistakes; you can take it. There is no mistake you make when you’re young that you cant recover from, it all depends on how you see it in the cycle of things.It doesn’t matter how small you are, how inexperienced; you can start small |


You don’t have to wait till everything is perfect. If circumstances are not right then sit down and figure out a way to make it work. In one of my previous post- ‘use your head’ I pointed out that you can think your way out of your current challenges and I outlined how.


If you were to overcome your fear of failure and just brave it and start something today, someday you’ll look back and be happy you started early.

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