One clean clear difference between the rich and the poor, successful and failure is just that one word- Action | www.characterrepublic.com

It’s hard, very hard to find someone who doesn’t want to be anything. Even a crazy person wants to be something. The drug addicts and drunks in their tipsy state babble and say what they’d like to be. But we all have come to realize that not everybody will become what he or she wants to become. Maybe 10% may just scratch the surface.


In March 2017 Forbes say there are 2,043 billionaires in the world. Out of more than seven billion people. This goes to show you that of all the people who dream to be rich only a tiny-winy percentage of them ever get real rich.


“One clean clear difference between the rich and the poor, successful and failure is just that one word- Action.”

A lot of people talk about their dreams. I hear words like ‘one day I will be this’, ‘I wish I can have this’. If someone were to seat down with me and start telling me of their life’s dreams, I would immediately ask them “what are you doing about it?”

Its not enough to have a dream, anybody can have one; and it is actually an important step towards success; having a blueprint of what you want to achieve in your head. But you need to take action! You need to start working towards the pictures you’ve seen in your mind.


I’ll give you four practical ways you can start off towards bringing to reality your dreams, there are definitely more I can give you that will be specific to your own path but these four are very basic.

One clean clear difference between the rich and the poor, successful and failure is just that one word- Action | www.characterrepublic.com
One clean clear difference between the rich and the poor, successful and failure is just that one word- Action

How Can I Make This Happen?

The first is to identify the things you can do to bring what you want to reality. And this is the time you seat on your own using your mental ability to make progress first. I elaborated more on this one step in my previous post- use your head. You simply need to identify what you need to do, the steps you ought to take to make these things to happen for you. Its something you can do on your own but if you find that you cant, you then have to seek the services of a mentor, coach or analyst like myself.


The second thing is people.

You have to identify the people who can help you reach your goals in a particular area you want to excel. You cannot succeed on your own. No man is an island and therefore people have a huge role to play in your attaining success in life. Whether you agree or not, this truth cannot be put aside. One thing you however must understand is that, the people you’ve already meet thus far in your life can actually help you a long way. There’s no need to start struggling to see a big politician you’ve never meet before and hardly knows you, there’s no need trying to meet this celebrity who you think can connect you. The people you know already have something to offer you. You just need to stop looking down on your surroundings. You need to stop looking down on people around you. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody; your relatives, church members, coworkers. Start calling people up, start being in touch with old friends, associate yourself with the right people who push and challenge you in a positive way.


What do you have?

This is another important step towards attaining your goals. You need to know what you have already. What skills do you have? What are your talents and natural gifts? What degree or certificate do you have, do I have some money in the bank? Everybody has something. You may not be too talented but you may be beautiful, you may not be handsome but you may be able to speak well like me. You may be well educated or have a particular skill. And this is where self-awareness comes in. This is what I preach to young people. You must know yourself, you must know what you are good at, you must know what you feel confident doing without shaking. What do you have? What can you do? Everybody has something and identifying it is one great step towards hitting gold.


What Do You Then Need?

After identifying the people you need, and knowing what you have at hand, the next thing is to identify what you need. Out of all you have and the people who have agreed to assist you in one way or the other, what is left that you actually need. A word of caution here; you have to seek out what you actually need and not what you think you need. This is where you have to draw your scale of preference- what you want or what you actually need to accomplish your goal. You don’t need to be too fancy here, stick to the basics because you can’t kill yourself when you know you can’t get a particular thing. Once you have identified what you need, you can launch out and start focusing your attention on getting them in place.


You don’t have to have every single thing in place before you start that business or that new career. Everything must not be perfect before you start something. Start with what you have and start now! The most important thing is to be brave enough to take action and be on the move towards your goals now!

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