Talent is not Enough

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I believe so much in self-discovery and talent. In fact if you’ve been following my writing, you’d know that I’ve been talking so much about self-awareness, discovering your purpose and so on and many people have been really motivated in this direction.

A lot of you may have been fanning yourselves because you’re talented or at least that you’ve discovered what your talent is. That’s just a joke because discovering yourself is just the first step.


Am here today to disappoint some people, I’m writing this to bust your bubble you who think you’re talented. You think you have this “divine gift” and you think everything will be okay with you. Lesley Brown said that we live in a world moving so fast that you have to be on the run if you even want to stand still. And that’s the problem with a lot of us Nigerians, we don’t want to run we just want to be satisfied strolling and we fan ourselves because we see that someone else is not even as talented as we are. And that is why the rest of the world is moving past us in all sectors.


You see when you’re in a race, you do not slow down simply because your opponents are far behind you but rather you run even harder because even though you’ll win the race, its even more glorious if you break previously set records.


And that’s the difference between a white man’s thinking and that of a typical Nigerian. **No shades intended


You cant go chilling and hob-nobbing simply because you’re a talented fellow and you’re so confident in yourself thinking that you’ll just go do your thing when you’re called upon without stress. I laugh because young people who think like this are always not far from the same level they’ve always been and except they change their thinking they can’t go too far.

One thing you ought to know is that just as you’re talented, there are so many others who are really talented too. But the one who puts in a little more work, the one who sharpens himself just a little bit more everyday will steal the show. As a talented fellow you can’t just sit there and bank to be feed by your talent when you aren’t putting in the work to make sure your talent becomes of commercial value to others. And that is what’s important when you’re talented. Its not enough to know you have a skill or a talent, you have to keep sharpening yourself with more knowledge about your ability, with practicing and more practice, you can volunteer your skills for free just so that you can get known for what you know how to do and that is how you build trust with the people who will become your first set of clients or customers or fans. You have to build yourself till what you carry inside of you becomes of commercial value.


Becoming a professional is no child’s play. You must:

  1. Have an incredible work ethic.
  2. Put in the hours to make your career grow.
  3. Go out and do! Do the actual work.


Execute! make things happen because without that, the alternative is dubious and dishonest living like many have turned to. You have to work if you want lasting success because being rich and successful cannot come out of being just talented.



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