affecting yourself and environment with your thoughts |

The number one goal of every human being that exists is happiness. It may be defined in different ways by different people but the thing is simply- everybody wants to live a good life and we have always pursued it. As a matter of fact, we have made great progress in the pursuit of happiness in the last 100years of human existence. They are more pleasurable places in the world today, they are more pleasurable activities and even the food we eat today have been modified to be more enjoyable than it was say a 100years back.


It is within reach to achieve happiness irrespective of where you’re from or how much you take home at the end of the month. For most people though happiness can only be attained by the amount of wealth they’ve been able to store up but there is a hidden resource that most people have left untapped. Am talking about the influence your mind has.

Most people are not leaving a happy life, most especially we in third world countries where even the basic amenities of life are out of our reach.

If you can understand and properly use that intangible thing called your mind, there’s nothing that would be out of your reach and I’ll explain how.


I earlier wrote a blog titled “Use Your Head”. I talked about how much resources are available to us, right within us- in the power of our thoughts. A lot of people especially in our society may find that title ‘use your head’ as an insult of some sort but am only explaining that you can think your way out of negative situations irrespective of where you find yourself. This may sound abstract but if you just believe it and practice it, whether you fully understand it or not, it would change your life in ways you can never imagine.

affecting yourself and environment with your thoughts |


You may have heard of something called positive psychology, it is the study of what makes life worth living. It focuses on what makes men and women function and flourish, i.e. what makes them happy on different levels be it in their health, relationship, work and business and school, culture or even in their global dimensions of life. But just as many may never have heard of positive psychology we may never have also heard about eudaimonia (the good life) which teaches us to focus our minds everyday on what holds the greatest values in life.


If you can focus on thinking good thoughts and try hard to only say good things, good things will begin to happen to you in life. Our mind has the power to influence our external environment. I don’t fully understand it myself but I’ve lived it and experience it work for me on so many levels of life. You see, when you’re happy within you’re always one step ahead of others. Not many people understand it and that is why we have very few people who get fulfillment out of life.

This actually goes on a step further because you can in the real sense of it influence people in a positive way with your mind. As insane as this may sound, you can affect other people around you by the thoughts in your mind towards them. [Read more about telepathy]


If you understand that and believe that you have the ability to influence people and situations around you with what you think, then you would be able to shape your life and future the way you so desire.

This is something worth looking into if you desire to live a better life than what is naturally obtainable. It would always place you one step ahead. If you think good thoughts you’d exude good vibes and this can completely transform your life and everything around you. Simply focus on the positive side and everything that makes life worth living. 


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