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Most people would define kung Fu as martial art or karate. But a more in-depth look at the word and its origin would tell you that kung Fu simply means perfection. It means perfection in an art; any art. So even the person who has mastered the art of swimming has reached kung Fu in swimming. The person who has mastered the skill of preparing a dish has reached kung Fu and to reach this level in anything is not beans like we say in Nigeria. It takes practice and practice and practice to reach a place of perfection.

It actually takes about 10,000 hours of practice to reach perfection in a given skill. That is about 6-10 years depending on your discipline to practice. Now don’t get me wrong they’re a lot of motivational speakers and motivational writings that tell you that you can do it in just 20 hours but if you’ve been following my blog and podcast you should know even by yourself by now that there’s no short court to anything successful in life.

A while back I wrote a blog titled Identify One Goal. If you’ve identified the one thing you want your life to be about, and you’re pretty darn sure that this is what you want to spend the rest of your life doing and you want to be known for this, then it is on you to put yourself on the road to becoming a success in that thing. And the name of that road is called ‘Practice’.

“You have to do it everyday and everyday and everyday to become so good at it that people will be willing to pay you for it.” Let not one day skip without you practicing your craft. Do it everyday and every chance you get so that your brain can modify and master the craft.

Most professionals we see today in various sectors and are celebrated for what they do didn’t just have “overnight success”.Like I like to say, the man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, but before he even became known in the world of swimming, from his childhood days he had been practicing the art of swimming. Every time he had, he went swimming, practicing and practicing, trying new techniques and entering into competitions at the school level just to test his ability until he qualified for the Olympics in year 2000.


 However, most professionals who know their stuff may never admit they are perfect. Though they are applauded for being what they are in their field, they’ll still say that they hope to get better. The greatest violinists, drummers and athletes; talking about Phelps, Bolt, Sherapova and our very own JJ all put in time to practice before they turned out to be what they are. 


Yours may not be in sports or music; you may have or aspire to have a professional career in the corporate world, in the academics or in business. Once you have identified the craft you want to do for the rest of your life, I.E what you want to be known for, give yourself no rest until you attain some level of perfection in it. Success in anything takes effort. Not just effort but consistent effort. You cannot afford to rest when you are not where you desire to be. You have to set for yourself goals you strive to meet and have an incredible work ethic. Don’t stop; keep practicing your thing till you reach kung Fu.

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