How to Inform Your Customers About a New Product

Social media marketing

What’s the right way to inform your clients about your new product? is it by publishing it on your website? or maybe instagram, what about linkedin? or may you could just do a video about it.

The answer is all of the above and none of the above. Except if your business page is new, but as a business man/woman you already know where your clients reach out to you from the most. What medium have your clients used to communicate with you in the past? is it through instagram or facebook? is it through the comments section in your blog or youtube page? or maybe just email.

if you have something new and exciting to share with your clients simply go where you’ve been hearing from them the most.

But I generally advice that a business be active on at least 2 platforms but maintain a presence on all other platforms. so put it up on your most active platform and then also drop it on other platforms to possibly glean new clients

Send us a DM on our IG page @charactermedia, and we’ll be glad to have a look and give a thorough evaluation of your social platforms and website too.

Emmanuel Attah – 31/1/2021

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