The Secret & Spirit of Being Rich Forever – part ONE.

how to become rich forever

This post is meant to show you what money really is and at the end of this you should have come a good knowledge of how to money works and how to attract it.

On a serious note, let me start like this; If money is your focus for doing anything you will always end up disappointed. Money is a speed machine, no one who chases it can catch up with it. But when you have figured out what your life’s passion is and you go headlong into it without hoping on money, you will most definitely become rich. Money is like a woman; the more you chase it the more it ignores you and runs from you. But when you ignore it and just do your thing, it will take notice of you and start coming around without any effort on your part.

Money is alive! It has a spirit of its own and it understands human beings very well. It kills and can make alive, it has the power to make you happy and can also take you to a valley of perpetual sadness. Money can factor your going to heaven or hell.
The best way to operate and relate with money is to treat it like it’s nothing, like it doesn’t matter; have no respect or regard for it.
Don’t get me wrong, money is good because you need it for virtually everything in this world. But it’s just ironic that if you want it to come to you, you have to ignore it and live your life like it doesn’t matter or even exist – It’s a world of ironies.

As a young person, when you have an ambition, its core purpose shouldn’t be to make you filthy rich and famous and have the good things of life. The purpose of your ambition should be to: –

  1. Satisfy Your Personal Desire and Passion. E.g. I don’t write or speak as a life coach to make money, I do it to satisfy myself because it makes me happy. I’m using my phone to type this today Sunday May 13, and I’m so excited about it. And even if it’s only you that reads my post, at least someone has read something that came out of my head. Invite me to come and speak in your school and I’ll surely come not because of the money you’ll pay but talking to young people and changing them makes me feel so good. I do it to satisfy myself.
  2. The End Product of Your Ambition Should Be to Make People’s Life Better at Some Point. Whatever you do and it does not directly or indirectly add value to another person’s life in some way, PLEASE STOP DOING IT! It will not take you anywhere. The purpose of your ambition should be to add value, to make better and contribute and money will locate you right where you are.
  3. The third purpose for your ambition if it’s going to produce wealth for you in the long run is To Please God or Help You Serve God Better. We’re all religious people in some way, therefore your ambition should have the purpose of pleasing God and helping you become a better person.These three things should be the purpose of your life’s ambition and not getting filthy rich and having the good things of life. You have to ignore money for it to be attracted to you. When you’re in line with these three things, you’ll not even have your mind on money. And when you keep at it and ignore whatever financial gain may be in it for you, money will notice and it will just come. Continue to part two…


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