The Vision For Nigerian Theater

People have asked why we – Duke of Somolu production are doing a free show in Uyo and in my discussions with Orman Esin the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism I state very clearly that Akwa Ibom has all we need to build a very robust structure for Theatre that would create jobs, wealth and support infrastructural development amongst others.

In the last 3 years, over 30,000 Nigerians have seen our productions in Lagos, Abeokuta and Benin. 2,400 has seen Ibiom – When the Eagle flys in Uyo.

Our vision is beyond the drama but takes us to the huge socio economic possibilities that comes with it.

So for us, the Play is just a vehicle to build investor confidence, secure govt support and push very aggressively into the market as we strive to build the biggest production franchise with valuable real assets in Africa.

Our partners Orangeline have keyed into this vision. Working with them, we have reached an advanced stage in securing a very strategic and historical portion of Land in Ikoyi where we would be building a world class arena specifically for Theatre.

500 Nigerians will hold shares in the holding company and we will push for a stock Exchange listing within two years of our existence

The structure will house be luxury accommodations, museums, galleries, food courts and the like and hold valuable assets that would ensure veritable return on investment for its shareholders.

Our next port of call will be Uyo. Uyo remains very attractive for its lush vegetation, rich culture, high digital penetration, low cost of production and the deep sea port which would Bring in the tourist and business people

The plan for the Uyo Theatre would be to house a turn of the century village complete with the mud houses and a fattening room for tourist to come and see how we lived in historic times.

So when we do a free show, it is to show the people that it’s beyond the play, it’s the market.

We are already assembling some of the most brilliant professionals like Prof Yerima, Yemi Shodimu, Makinde Adeniran, William Benson, Dr Itoro, sunday Umana, Segun Adefila, Ifeanyi and much more who will handle the technical Theatre aspect while we face the business of securing the legacy

So as you seat down to watch any of our productions be it Ibiom or the coming Awo or the powerful Aremu or the tear inducing Emotan pls do not get carried away by the magic unfolding on stage, remember that you are now part of a revolution.

Welcome to Ibiom, welcome to crazy possibilities.

Joseoh Edgar
Duke of Shomolu

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