Use Your Head

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Nobody is thinking anymore, especially young folks, they’d rather depend on materials that others have developed. People are becoming less and less productive, less and less thoughtful. Our mental capacity is so large that we can actually reproduce another earth from our head. There’s so much our mind is capable of but we’re actually under using our heads.

Just the other day at the office a colleague of mine lost his mother-in-law and he was searching for a tribute to a mother on Google. He just couldn’t sit down on his own and compose something thoughtful. We’ve become so dependent on the already done work of others and our own mental prowess and capacity is completely sent to the backseat and yet we all complain so much of how bad the world is getting; how the economy is growing worst, how moral standards are declining and so on.

We have heads and inside them are brains capable of rescuing us from whatsoever problem we may be facing in our personal lives or as a people in whole. Our minds if put to use can actually save the world. The problem is we’ve all become consumers- big time consumers and we’re not producing.

“If only you’ll seat and think for an hour each day.”

I have a really close friend who said he spends at least one hour each day thinking; just thinking, making his brain to work in the direction of solving problems, he uses that one hour to just comb through his mind looking for ways to improve himself and in turn improve others. And that is why when rough times came for this my guy he was able to turn his life around within a short time. Not that he had connections or he had a rich relative or something but by the share power of his thinking he has transformed himself.

“Use your head and think your way out of problems. Its possible!”

We just are too lazy to think; it requires nothing, nothing! All you need is some time by yourself without your smart phone or laptop or TV. Just by yourself sit down and think. If you are to try this mental exercise even for 30minutes each day you’d be amazed how it would revolutionize your life. It cost nothing to think.

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