USE YOUR IDEAS- It’s Your Gold

Has it ever happened to you that you see a someone do something and it immediately hits you that you got the same idea a little while back. Maybe you walk by a street and you see a new business or you watch the news and you see someone presenting a product or a service that you probably had the idea for a little while back and you begin to feel terrible somehow that it wasn’t you that carried out the thing you’re now seeing someone else do. It has happened to a lot of people around me and somehow, I do feel bad for them.

Guys the thing is, ideas aren’t static. God made all of us equal and when you have an idea to do something chances are a number of people in different places also have a similar idea. What would make the difference is how motivated and how quick you are to act on it.

Nobody can lay claim to an idea when it is just in your thoughts, you can only lay claim when you have brought it to fruition and it becomes yours, just like a lot of people regret when someone else marries the ‘so-called’ love of your life; you can’t lay claim to any guy or girl until you put a ring on it. At that point when you feel emotional about someone or something, act on it immediately because regret is the most hurtful emotion known to man.

Ideas mean nothing without execution

When you receive an inspiration to do something and you don’t act on it for some time, it diffuses to someone else because ideas aren’t meant to be kept in the shelves of your mind, it’s not how the universe work. No one can claim monopoly of an idea if it is just in your head. When an idea comes, act on it quickly. Don’t wait till the motivation and fire the idea came with to die out, move now! Do something.

My mentor Les Brown once said that on average we get three to four great ideas a year and if we were to act on even one it could potentially change our lives and put us on a path to fulfilling our dreams.

When you have a fresh idea about a business, product or career path, there are steps you take as I carefully outlined in one of my earlier post TAKE ACTION. The first thing you do is to do fact finding. You need to find out as much as you can and educate yourself as much as you can about something. This would properly equip you when you move on to the next stage which is planning: that is knowing what it takes and who it takes to bring this ideas to reality. The third thing after planning is the execution. And this is the main thing. I’m all about execution because execution is the game. I try to be less romantic about my ideas and want to get down to business. Many people may see this as rushing but you don’t need to spend all your days and months and years in the planning of an idea. Ideas are meant to be used therefore use them as soon as they hit you. Don’t forget that you haven’t got all the time in the world.

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