Perfection in all things is just not feasible because we live in a fallen world |

Time is very valuable and the world is not what it was before; in the sense that the world is not a funfair anymore. Like Les Brown said, you have to be running to even stand still in today’s world and that is why we in this part of the world should be on a constant move to improve ourselves everyday in order to be able to compete and stand on the same global stage as those from developed countries.

One thing you can do to develop yourself even faster than other people is to admit your weakness. Self-awareness is a major milestone when building character. You have to be self-aware enough to admit your weaknesses. If you are not aware of yourself, I.E what you can and cannot do, your strengths, your weaknesses and limitations, you will not be able to confront life’s challenges well enough. No one is mighty eagle, you can’t do everything, you’re not good at all things and when you square up and admit that they are some things that you actually cant do then you’re actually getting somewhere.


Perfection in all things is just not feasible because we live in a fallen world |
Admit your weaknesses and know your limitations

Get real with yourself and identify your weakness and limitations. The things you cant do, the things you cant cope with, what brings you down, makes you sad, things that drain your emotional and psychological strength, things that just don’t make you feel good. If you can know these things you can then fashion your life to avoid certain things.

A lot of trainers and motivational speakers will tell you to confront your weaknesses and try to overcome them. They’ll say you have to do all you can to master and overcome your weakness and limitations so that you can tend towards perfection.


There’s nothing wrong with seeking perfection in a particular thing. What is wrong is trying to seek perfection in everything. Perfection in all things is just not feasible because we live in a fallen world.

And the fact that they are people who are famous for being very good at a particular craft be it sports, music, mathematics or whatever does not mean they are not imperfect in some other thing.

But lets face it, why waste time working on your weaknesses when you can invest that time in digging into your strengths and capitalizing on what you are actually good at. Rather than struggling with your weaknesses and expending so much in trying to overcome them; if through self-awareness you’ve identified your strengths, you owe it to yourself to invest all you can in your strengths to produce better results. If you continually judge a bird by its ability to swim, that bird in your eyes will always be a failure. Rather encourage the bird to focus all its strengths and resources in flying more and more than telling the bird to swim at all cost.

This is why this sort of training is needed in our schools so that we can identify the weaknesses of every child and train them based on their strengths. This would save us a lot of time and help us build better characters for future purposes.

Knowing your weaknesses will enable you work smarter and enable you achieve greater successes in your day-to-day life. It would also help you to know what type of activities to avoid, what type of academic courses to stay away from. It would make you say no to certain things and this is very important if you want to keep your life on track.

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