Vision and Faith – the recipe for success

vision and faith is the recipe for success

The competition for success in this world is fiercer than it has ever been. And the thing is, the more people try to make it to the top the more “the system” gets ruined because most people in their bid to rise to the top and succeed would try anything; especially bad and ugly stuff. So, the system is rigged, the economy is crazy, the government is corrupt etc. But all through history every one that had ever lived felt that the times they lived in were hard times and generations to come will look at us as the golden age when things were easy just as how we now often refer to the good old days. But when you consider the things I’ve just said, one will wonder if they is any hope for success in whatever one does since the odds are already stacked against us. I’m currently working on publishing a book that deals with what the story of success really is and everyone who wants to break all odds should look forward to it especially teens and young adults.

A lot of people are trying so hard to succeed. But should i dare to tell you that it doesn’t take much to succeed? A lot of people have written volumes of books on the subject of success. Motivational speakers and life coaches just like myself have talked extensively on the issue of success but I’ve realized from personal research and experience that it doesn’t really take much to be a success in life. You don’t need all the information or all the coaching or money. When you strip to the very basics you discover that it’s not that HARD. You only need VISION & FAITH to succeed in life. Don’t burden yourself, don’t complicate your life. With just Vision and Faith some have gone to become huge successes in their own fields. Vision and Faith. With these two you can reach where you want to be.

VISION is simply being aware of what you want your life to accomplish. A vision of your future will give you a clear path to run on and if you know where you’re going, getting there will be a lot easier. Vision is seeing pictures in your mind of what you want

You only need VISION & FAITH to succeed in life

to turn out to be. And for those pictures to come to something real, you have to do all you’ve got to bring it home.

FAITH is simply believing in the future you’ve seen for yourself. if you’ve seen yourself as a bank executive, no matter where you are now just believe that it can be. Faith also means believing that the work you’re putting in, all the hustle will no doubt lead to success. The reason why a lot of people don’t work hard is because most of them have already given up before they even start. They look at the prevailing conditions of the society and loose heart– thinking that success may never be achieved under these harsh conditions. But people who end up having their dreams fulfilled are those who have the mental stamina to believe that their dreams and aspirations can come to live. Having faith that your hustle will pay off, believing that somehow the dots will finally connect to that future you saw in your mind, that what faith is. And if you have that, if your mind is set in that way, you’re gonna be a success.

And that’s just it. Success has been simplified for you today. It’s all about having a Vision and Believing that it can happen no matter what. Don’t forget it; Vision and Faith; very simple. Have it at the back of your mind what you want for your life and believe that the steps you are taking towards it will make it happen for you.


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