WHAT A TIME TO BE POOR – Why “poor” people aren’t dying from Covid19

I read Doyin Okupe’s memo on why corona is not killing the poor and started thinking again

We that are borderline, neither rich nor poor what hope do we have.

For the first time in my life i really began to understand the meaning of the phrase ‘ ignorance is bliss’

I went into Mushin the other day and they were going about their chores in total bliss as to what was going on with the pandemic

Mind you the Deputy Governors brother had just died of covid in this same Mushin and Mushin is top 5 on the league table of Covid after Etiosa and Surulere but the pple cdnt careless , do they even know.

The poor browned teeth woman selling herbs and condiments for juju told me that all of a sudden big people with big cars are comig to buy a lot of herbs and she doesnt knw why.

I said double your price quick. Cos i knw the doctors are changing N5m for the same purpose. So she cant be selling Orogbo and Ginger at the same price anymore.

They say lifestyle is a contributory factor and Its lifestyle that is giving poor pple the so called immunity that is why only the Rolls Royce people are dying.

But wait they are also dying o maybe not of covid but from Lassa Fever, cholera, Malaria so we shd not begin to envy them cos they are dying in their thousands and on a daily basis

So for every Rolls Royce that dies thousands at the other spectrum have died but they do not have the media reach to capture our imagination and hold it for days pushing our sensibilities into the gutters of fear and its mongers.

We even push some Rolls Royce that have not yet died and begin to send hollow tributes, till he wakes up and screams I am BISI I HAVE NOT DIED.

What a time to be poor. What a time to be poor

Joseph Edgar
Duke of Shomolu – 21/1/2021

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