Your Dreams Can Come True

Don’t for once think that your dreams are only in your head |

This particular post is meant to stir someone up and I hope that when you spend this three minutes reading you’ll be so fired up towards your goals and you’ll be inspired to share this post with someone close to you.

There is no smoke without fire and with this I want you to believe that your dreams can come to pass; everything you dream of can come to reality. They’re a lot of people that wallow in self-pity drowning in the thought that their lofty dreams and aspirations will never happen. Maybe because of the circumstances they find themselves, the environment they live, their family background or whatever negativity that surrounds them and because of this, most people resign to fate and slump to whatever life brings their way.


You see someone on TV winning a Nobel Prize for literature and you feel it cannot happen to you. You watch a movie and you see a couple strongly in love and have a beautiful family and somehow you doubt it could ever be you in such a loving atmosphere. Everybody can have his or her dreams come true. Don’t doubt yourself for it is that doubt you have that will ensure your dreams never get realized.


“Don’t for once think that your dreams are only in your head. Your dreams can come through if you want them to.”


The question now is:

  • Are you strong enough to put in the work required? 

    Don’t for once think that your dreams are only in your head |
    Don’t for once think that your dreams are only in your head.
  • Are you brave enough to face any challenge that presents itself on the way?
  • Are you firm enough to believe you can do it?
  • Is your faith in yourself, in the process, in God strong enough?
  • Are you smart enough to make compromises when necessary?


“Yes you can have your dreams come through but its not going to be all ice cream and chocolate; it’s a hard way along but if you really want it then you can have it.”


“You are not capable of wanting something that cannot exist. As far as something can find its way into your mind then it is possible.” No matter how big and lofty it is, no matter how fancy and expensive it is, you can have it. 

What madness drove the Wright brothers to believe that they can make something that can fly when nothing resembling it existed? What audacity will make another believe that we could talk into a glass object in one interior village in Nigeria and someone in the US would hear you loud and clear. What guts can someone have to think he can make a drink that would be as popular as water and has actually achieve this; the truth is everyone on earth has or will at one point of their life drink Coca-Cola. Think; just think how powerful this is. And you have the audacity to believe that what you want can’t happen? What! When you’ve seen and heard people being and doing such great things? I know a man working on the calculations to make a technology like the bank doors but where you enter from one end in Nigeria, the door opens to America or china or wherever place you set it to transport you. As impossible as this may sound, it’s only a matter of time before it happens.


Please believe me when I say- “if you can work for it, if you can believe for it, if you can dream of it, it can happen.” No matter how big it is, your dreams, your aspirations and wishes can all come through at some point in your life.

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